It’s that time of year…again. Being, of course, the two week interval during which the staff of Luxuria Music exhort you, the listener, to chip in (however much you can) and help keep us on the virtual airwaves with your financial support. Episodes #259 & #260 of No Condition Is Permanent are FUN-Drive episodes. These are not your normal/formal entreaties to shake your wallet hand loose. Far from it! These episodes are infused with amusement and music, as much or more than an entire Labor Day weekend spent in Jerry Lewis’ company. (You’re welcome, amphetamine users.) Why, in last Saturday’s FUN-Drive episode (#259), listeners heard:

• Luxuria Music’s Program Director & Station Den Mother Kat Griffin flew to Detroit and visited the Purple Bat Lounge, home to N.C.I.P.. This, just in time for…

• The bar’s annual Naked Billiards Tournament, the latter interrupted respectively by…

• The arrival of marauding bike gang Satan’s Sadists, who parked inside the bar, the better to intervene when…

• DJ Lee-Roy instigated a full-on brawl, owing to the dog’s insistence that the game was not being played according to Hoyle (or Lee-Roy)

• The weekly visit from — and random destruction of the bar’s curbside lawn jockey by — Uncle Morty’s Midnite Mobile Dispensary™, which is an installment of each and every N.C.I.P. episode much loved by regular listeners.

• And, by necessity, slightly less of the usual bevy of feral tunes from all over the map, your weekly perfect soundtrack for ill-considered decisions.

Those desiring the Ep. #259 experience can download same simply by clicking HERE.

To help ensure that morally questionable programming as described above remains available to unsuspecting listeners worldwide, Luxuria Music NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. Which is easy enough to do, simply by visiting the Luxuria Music Store and choosing either a Monthly Sponsorship option or else purchasing one of many items available therein. The No Condition Is Permanent store offers two new items for the 2021 FUN-Drive, these being:

Yes, TWO different styles of full color, U/V-coated postcard packs, with 10 cards per pack. And they’re cheap! (@ $20.) Choose BLOTTER or SLEAZE — or both — and give yourself either some bitchin’ refrigerator art or a reason to use the US Postal System (which the last president failed to kill). Either way, we both win!

AND there are still terrific items available in the N.C.I.P. store from previous FUN-Drives, including the museum-quality, full-color enamel LEE-ROY lapel pin. All N.C.I.P. pledge premiums (premia?) are certified hexbreakers, guaranteed to dispel any and all Bad Vuggum from your existence.

N.C.I.P. as one usually experiences it will resume on Saturday, March 13th…but ONLY if we’re still around!

So, please, help Luxuria Music to whatever extent that’s possible and we’ll still be around to help you murder Saturday evenings.

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