NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #241 ~ 09-26-20]

Pictured: U-Roy.

‘It was in 1969, around the time reggae was starting to hit big, and Tubby’s dance was ram. There was a buzz of excitement – like expectation – because word had got round all week that Tubby’s was going to do something special that night. Although nobody knew what it was going to be, Tubby’s sound was so innovative you knew it was going to be spectacular. He had four dub plates he’d made from Treasure Isle rocksteady tunes, and this is at a time when you never have the rhythm on the record itself – no dub or version yet, A- and B-sides were both straight vocal.

‘But Tubby did it quietly. Him and U-Roy start the dance off as normal, and after a while he play “You Don’t Care for Me at All” by the Techniques, then when he lift it up to start it back from the beginning again he’d switched it to the dub version, and after a couple of lines of the original all the crowd could hear was pure riddim, then U-Roy come in toasting, and they went nuts. He had four dub plates, and for the rest of the night it must have been just them he play.’

— Dennis Alcapone, as quoted in Lloyd Bradley’s Bass Culture.


Another Saturday whizzes past, and to those who spent it at the Purple Bat Lounge, barely a wisp of memory remains. You may be working with the same (thoroughly enjoyable) disadvantages as did the bar’s patrons, but now you have access to the evening itself. No amount of THC accumulated in your bone marrow is going to wipe out the mp3 documenting this momentous occasion. Just click immediately below to listen and/or download an experience like no other. Go on, BE THERE NOW…






Here’s what we played in Ep. 241 of No Condition Is Permanent:


The O’Jays — “992 Arguments” — Back Stabbers

African Brothers Band — “Ngyegye No So” — Nigeria 70 Vol.2

The Mysterions — “Jerico Rock” — The Surf Creature

Ismael Quinones — “Control” — Freak Off: Latin Breakbeats, Basslines & Boogaloo

Johnny Talbot and Band — “Do The Broken Hip” — In 45rpm

Walid Gholmieh — “Ya Khadra” — Libyan Folk Dances

Felix & His Guitar With the Hot Peppers — “Two Tacos” — Frolic Diner Vol.2

U-Roy — “You Keep On Running” — With A Flick Of My Musical Wrist: Jamaican DJ Music 1970-73

IT’S MADISON TIME…          


Jeff Simmons — “Ride Into Vegas” — Naked Angels OST


Francis Kingsley & Emitais — “Assalam Aleikoum Africa” — Assalam Aleikoum Africa Vol.1

Big John & The Buzzards — “You’re Cash Ain’t Nothin’ But Trash” — The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957

Beny Moré Con Perez Prado Y Su Orquesta — “Anabacoa” — La Epoca De Oro

The Cirkit — “Yesterday We Laughed” — Quagmire Vol.2: Sixties Punk In The USA!

King Tubby — “Double Cross” — Dub From The Roots

Bill Allen & The Backbeats — “Please Give Me Something” — The Roots Of Psychobilly

Boo And The Tru-Tones — “Don’t Blame This Joint” — Show The World

Roy Head — “She’s About A Mover” — Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing II

J. Minhat & The Singlap Boys — “Jangan Jemu” — Psyche Oh! A Go Go: Lost Gems Of Malaysia/Singapura Pop Music ’64-’74


Vic Pitts And The Cheaters — “Thank You” — The Lost Tapes

Dérobé Dance Band — “Gogoplata” — Secret Stash 45rpm

The Stooges — “Real Cool Time” — The Stooges

Issa El Saieh And His Orchestra — “Carolina Cao” — Haitian Dance Bands Vol. 1 1949-1960: Meringue, Biguine And Voodoo Folk From Haiti

The Fleshtones — “Cara- Lin” — Blast Off!!! [Bonus EP]

Lisandro Meza — “El Pasito Tun Tun’ — Rey Sabanero Del Acordeon: Folclor Costeño De Colombia

The Sweet Things — “I’m In A World Of Trouble” — The Northern Soul Story Vol.2: The Golden Torch

Tommy McCook — “Winter World Of Love Jumpers” — Instrumental


Tim Buckley — “Move With Me” — Greetings From L.A.

Ennio Morricone — “L’ultimo” — More Mondo Morricone

Suicide — “Girl” — Suicide

Pamelo Mounk’a — “Ca ne se prete pas” — No. 1 Africain

Television — “In World” — Television

Kwanjai Kalasin Yuk Patina — “Chabapai Namwa (Love The Man I Could Never Have)” — Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol.1


Norrie Paramour — “Cherry Blossoms” — The New Exotic Sounds


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