NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #239 ~ 09-05-20]

Pictured: Tapper Zukie.

The deep rhythmic bass of reggae combined with the effects of smoking large quantities of ganja—particularly the herb’s tendencies to enhance one’s appreciation of tonal resonance and to distort one’s perception of time—when mixed together in primitive recording studios, begat dub. It was the custom within the Jamaican music industry to fill out the flip-sides of 45rpm singles with instrumental versions of the song featured on the A side and, under the creative influence of cannabis, record producers such as Lee Perry started twiddling their knobs idiosyncratically, dropping out the treble and pumping up the bass, cutting up the vocal track and adding masses of reverb to haunting phrases that echo through the mix. No other music sounds more like the way it feels to be stoned.

— Russell Cronin, quoted in Dub: Soundscapes and Shattered Songs (Michael E. Veal)

Refreshed from a fortnight at the beach, house DJ’s Reeshard & Lee-Roy return to the Purple Bat Lounge to find …nothing so different as all that. It’s hotter than when they left, making the bar’s Outdoor Patio™ that much more inviting to co-host Lee-Roy. Despite the oppressive temperature — will they never fix the A/C in this place? — three dozen great tunes played and nothing much else happened at all. Find out for yourself, by clicking down there…



Here’s what we played in Ep. 239 of No Condition Is Permanent:


Ohio Players — “Fire” — Fire

Roger Damawuzan — “Wait For Me” — African Scream Contest

Kenny & The Fiends — “Moonshot” — Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar, Vol. 3: Cheater Stomp!

The Tennors — “Ride Me Donkey” — Rocksteady Soul: The Original Cool Sound Of Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle

Dave C. and His Sharptones — “Black Pepper” — Dollee 45rpm

Sexteto Miramar — “Yo Vine Pa’ Goza’” — Dj Bongohead Presents…Big Box Of Afrosound

Reigning Sound — “Let Yourself Go” — Too Much Guitar

Malavoi — “Ginette Démarré Moin” — Mano Césaire Et La Formation Malavoi (La Naissance De La World Music Antillaise En 1969)

IT’S MADISON TIME…                                    

The Mike Cotton Sound — “Like That” — Funky Crimes


Son Of P.M. — “James Bond Theme” — Thai Beat A Go Go Vol. 1: Groovy 60’s Sounds from the Land of Smile!

Lue Cazz — “The Walk” — Greasy Rock’N’Roll Vol. 1

King Tubby — “I Trim the Barber” — King Tubby’s Special: 1973-1976

Iggy & The Stooges — “Little Electric Chair” — Skull Ring

Los Wembler’s De Iquitos — “Sonido Amazonico” — La Danza Del Petrolero

Eddy Bailes & The Cadillacs — “Dark Side Of The Moon” — You’re Not From Around Here OST

Les Gypsies de Pétionville — “Francine” — Tanbou Toujou Lou: Meringue, Kompa Kreyol, Vodou Jazz, & Electric Folklore from Haiti 1960-1981

Bunker Hill (w. Link Wray) — “The Girl Can’t Dance” — Lookey Dookey!

Mdou Moctar — “Chet Boghassa” — AfelanThe Only Ones — “Lovers Of Today” — Vengeance 45rpm


K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas — “Awisa” — K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas

Fire Escape — “Love Special Delivery” — Mindrocker Vol. 01

Canario Y Su Grupo (con Raful) — “Cortaron A Elena” — ¡Saoco! The Bomba And Plena Explosion In Puerto Rico 1954-1966

The Who — “Whiskey Man [Mono]” — A Quick One

Nisar Bazmi & Runa Laila — “Oh My Darling” — Disco Dildar

Maximilian — “The Snake” — Let’s Soul Dance: Black Dance Crazes 1957-1962

Tappa Zukie — “Beautiful Dub” — Tappa Zukie In Dub

George Clinton with Parliaments / Funkadelic — “Look At What I Almost Missed” — The Singles 1967-1971


The Pretty Things — “Dream / Joey” — Silk Torpedo

Orchestre Bantous-Jazz — “Emilie Wa” — Compilation Musique Congolaise 1962-1973

The Modern Lovers — “Modern World” — The Modern Lovers

Frankie Nieves — “The Four Corners” — Big Ol’ Bag O’ Boogaloo Vol. 2

The Coasters — “Poison Ivy” — 50 Coastin’ Classics

Errol Brown & the Sky Nations — “Revelation Of Dub” — Medley Dub

Livin’ End — “Makin’ Time” — Garage Beat ’66 Vol. 7: That’s How It Will Be!


Jah Wobble — “Fading” — Jah 12″ 45rpm

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