NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #246 ~ 10-31-20]

Pictured: Lux Interior of The Cramps.

On June 16, the Cramps ran up against psyches of the decidedly altered kind when they travelled northeast to Napa for a concert like no other. An encounter with electro-punks the Screamers led to a conversation about an Easter dance the latter had played at Camarillo State Mental Hospital near Los Angeles…Intrigued by the sheer strangeness of the idea and the Screamers’ accounts of performing before an audience of the pathologically unhinged, the Cramps managed to arrange a similar event at short notice with the administrators at Napa. “We always wanted to play at a mental institution because we always had a problem with audiences not being quite what we’d like them to be,” explained Lux. “We thought if we went to a mental institution, the audience would contribute – and they really did! There were male and female inmates humping each other on the ground. It was the most bizarre show we’ve ever done. Those people just went crazy – doing everything you’d imagine people in a mental institution would do. There were people licking the walls, people laying on each other and coming up and talking to us while we were playing, but mainly it was people dancing the weirdest dances you’ve ever seen.”

— Dick Porter, Journey To The Center Of The Cramps.

This Halloween, as celebrated by DJ’s Reeshard & Lee-Roy at the Purple Bat Lounge, commemorated not only a favorite holiday but also the 7th anniversary of No Condition Is Permanent joining the weekly Luxuria Music schedule. Lee-Roy, as regular listeners well know, has been on Reeshard’s case for weeks in an effort to add guest stars to the broadcast. Of course, Reeshard wouldn’t take the dog seriously, especially as all Lee-Roy’s suggestions to date died some time ago. Learning that bartender LaWanda‘s iPad contained a Ouija Board app allowed the plucky pit bull to turn a stumbling block into a stepping stone. What happened next really needs to be heard (especially if you grew up in Detroit), along with the more than 3 dozen Halloween novelty favorites spun at volume throughout the evening. But you can hear it, oh yes you can, simply by clicking immediately below…






Here’s what we played in Ep. 246 of No Condition Is Permanent:


Count Floyd — “Treat Her Like A Lady” — Disco Sickness

Aural Exciters — “Spooks In Space” — Spooks In Space

The Hamburger Brothers — “Omar The Vampire” — Halloween HORROR!

The Cre-Shells — “Dracula” — It’s Monster Surfing Time!

King Horror — “Dracula Prince of Darkness” — Loch Ness Monster

Los Holys — “Campo de Vampiros” — Halloween Nuggets: Monster Sixties a Go-Go

Hot Blood — “Soul Dracula” — Night Of The Vampire


Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band — “Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee” — Doc At The Radar Station


Count Down & the Moonsters — “Hindu On A Honda” — Malamondo 5

Bob Ridgley — “The Way Out Mummy” — Lost Treasures! Rarities From The Vaults Of Del-Fi

The Poindexter Bros. — “The Booga Man” — Malamondo 5

The Regal-Airs — “It” — Las Vegas Grind! Vol. 5

Rex Garvin — “Strange Happenings” — Halloween Instrumentals

Jack & Jim — “Midnight Monster Hop” — I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon

The Deadly Ones — “Monster Surfing Time” — Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Vol. 5

The Magics — “Zombie Walk” — Doo Wop Halloween

The Daringers — “Morgus Creep” — Haunted Halloween

Bill Carter — “Baby Brother” — Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Vol. 5

The Castle Kings — “You Can Get Him Frankenstein” — Atlantic ‘61/’62 Gems from the Vaults: Up On The Roof

Lon Chaney Jr. — “Spider Baby Theme” — Spider Baby OST


Betty Lavett — “Witchcraft in the Air” — Halloween Nuggets: Monster Sixties a Go-Go

Henri Salvador — “Dracula Cha Cha Cha” — Night Of The Vampire

Zacherle — “Dinner With Drac” — Halloween HORROR!

The Hollywood Flames — “Frankenstein’s Den” — I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon


Kenny & the Fiends — “House On Haunted Hill” — Halloween Instrumentals

The Five Jones Boys — “Mr. Ghost Goes To Town” — Kogar’s Spooky Spectacular

Baron Daemon & the Vampires — “Ghost Guitars” — Halloween Nuggets: Monster Sixties a Go-Go

Round Robin — “I’m The Wolfman” — I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon

Morgus & the 3 Ghouls [Dr. John] — “Morgus The Magnificent” — The Dr. John Anthology

Miss LL [Louise Lewis] — “Monster’s Bride” — Halloween Hangover…Again


Jah Wobble/Jaki Liebezeit/Holger Czukay — “Twilight World” — How Much Are They?

The Cramps — “Big Black Witchcraft Rock” — Fiends Of Dope Island

The Drivers — “Dry Bones Twist” — King Records Story: Only Young Once ’62

Christine Pilzer — “Dracula” — Femmes De Paris Vol.1

The Revels — “Midnight Stroll” — Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Vol. 5

Sonny Day and the Tony Ray Combo — “Creature From Outer Space” — Halloween Nuggets: Monster Sixties a Go-Go

Brother Theodore — “Horror of the Blood Monsters” — Lowbrow Vol.1: Sweet Beat                

Vampires’ Sound Incorporation — “The Lions And the Cucumber” — Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Vol. 9

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