NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #157 ~ 03-10-18]


Pictured: Rachel Nagy (l.) & Mary Ramirez of the Detroit Cobras.

First, DJ’s Reeshard & Lee-Roy offer heartfelt thanks to all who chipped in on Luxuria Music’s behalf during the past fortnight’s Pledge Drive 2018. (Those who have yet to do so are advised to check the premium links at the tail end of this post.) So you’d think that, with due diligence paid to our effort to keep the station online, the guys could just return to doing what they do best: Creating the perfect soundtrack for ill-considered behavior by spinning three dozen tunes and then some. Rarely, though, is anything quite that simple, certainly not within the Purple Bat Lounge on a Saturday night. Curious sounds drew Reeshard’s attention, even as his canine co-host tried desperately to avoid acknowledging…whatever it was that emerged from the bar’s basement. The fact of The Madison featuring a literal double-header (both films about two-headed monsters) was deemed purely coincidental. Luckily, all heads concerned turned calmer once Uncle Morty’s truck pulled up, dispensing a lascivious strain – for which Lee-Roy, of course, had the perfect application. To hear how it all turned out, in addition to four block-rocking sets of music, click in the right spots just a few pixels to the south of these words. Tune in anyway…





Here’s what we played in Ep. 157 of No Condition Is Permanent:


The Marvelettes — “I’ll Keep On Holding On” — This Is Northern Soul! The Motown Sound, Vol. 1

Tala A.M. — “Tcham Tcham” — African Funk Experimentals 1975-1978

Ray Ellis & His Orchestra — “The Sheik” — Sounds of the Unexpected: Weird & Wacky Instrumentals from Pop’s Final Frontiers

Los Arlequines — “No Hay Amor Para Mi” — Sensacional Soul Vol. 3: 28 Spanish Soul Stompers, 1966 / 1976

The Parliaments — “Don’t Be Sore At Me” — Testify! The Best of the Early Years

Ahmed Malek — “Tape 19.11 (Algeria)” — Habibi Funk An Eclectic Selection Of Music From The Arab World

The Ontarios with Frank Motley & His Crew — “Lovers Mambo” — Jukebox Mambo Vol. 3

Lloyd Charmers — “Travelling On” — Doing Our Thing: More Soul From Jamdown 1970-1982

Nathaniel Mayer — “White Dress” — Why Don’t You Give It To Me?



Roky Erickson & The Aliens — “Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)” — The Evil One (Plus One)


Dara Chom Chan — “Give Me One Kiss” — Dengue Fever Presents Electric Cambodia

Joe Houston (w. vocals by the Platters) — “Shtiggy Boom” — Speak Easy: The RPM Records Story Volume 2, 1954-1957

Joseph Kabasele — “Mindule Mipanzana” — Le Grand Kallé: His Life, His Music – Joseph Kabasele And The Creation Of Modern Congolese Music

The Performers — “Mini Skirt” — An Alternate History Of Popular Music

Machito & His Orchestra — “Asia Minor” — Katanga! and Ahbe Casabe: Exotic Blues & Rhythm Vol. 1 & 2

John Holt — “Ali Baba” — Mod Anthems: Original Northern Soul, R’N’B & Ska Classics

Dr. Alimantado — “I Killed The Barber” — Best Dressed Chicken In Town

The Jesters — “Peter Gunn Twist” — Las Vegas Grind! Vol. 1

Mustafa Özkent Ve Orkestrasi — “Dolana Dolana” — Bosporus Bridges: A Wide Selection Of Turkish Jazz And Funk ‘68-‘78

The Detroit Cobras — “Laughing At You” — Life, Love And Leaving


The Delcos — “Arabia” — Mad Mike Monsters: A Tribute to Mad Mike Petrovich Vol. 3

Docteur Nico & Orchestra Sukisa — “Mambo Hawaïen” — AfroLatin Via Kinshasa

Ramones — “I Don’t Care [Single Version]” — Rocket to Russia

Louie Ramirez — “Lucy’s Spanish Harlem” — Long Live Boogaloo: 22 Rare Latin Boogaloos from Spanish Harlem ’63-’72

The Royal Jokers — “You Tickle Me Baby” — Sin Alley Vol. 4

Ali Hassan Kuban — “Al Ghazal” — Walk Like A Nubian

The Viscounts — “Chug-A-Lug” — Chug-A-Lug: Exotic Blues & Rhythm Vol. 8

Junior Murvin and The Upsetters — “Roots Train Number Two” — Sound System Scratch: Lee Perry’s Dub Plate Mixes 1973-1979

The Enchantments — “I’m In Love With Your Daughter” — The East Side Sound 1965-1977

Juaneco Y Su Combo — “Recordando A Fachin” — Masters Of Chicha 1


Pamelo Mounk’a — “Qu’As Tu Fait De Ma Fille?” — No. 1 Africain

Bo Diddley — “Dancing Girl” — Born Bad Vol. 8

La Gloria Matancera — “El Chipi Chipi” — El Limoncito

The Cramps — “Drug Train” — File Under Sacred Music: Early Singles 1978-81

Horace Andy — “Problems Dub” — In The Light Dub

Little Willie John — “Uh Uh Baby (No No Baby)” — Get On The Right Track: Mod R&B, Jazz & Ska

Buppa Saichol — “Bored Explosion” — Thai Funk: ZudRangMa


The Dynamic Kapers — “Alligator Wine” — JED 45rpm




Mad Daddy  You get two lengthy complete broadcasts of Cleveland DJ ‘Mad Daddy’ Myers on one disc, containing two of his shows, one of these being his farewell appearance at WHK in Cleveland, where he made his name. Enjoy the CD booklet graphics (incorporating Lee-Roy’s chew toy) and a little essay for the inside.

MMD  During any episode of N.C.I.P. at 10pm you’ll hear Count Reeshard read Uncle Morty’s fresh menu of garden delights. It’s an education. Oh, yes. A postcard-sized, floppy metallic collant designed to burn into your brain the image of Morty’s famous ice cream truck with the faded popsicle stickers that no longer sells popsicles. When he comes careening around your corner, you’ll know just what to do. “YO! MORTY!”

LEE-ROY  Lee-Roy’s mug graces the graphics of this hex-breaking NCIP magnet; the magic talisman that provides instant relief from your clean and shiny Saturday night. And it’s the perfect reminder to listen, vanquishing your short term memory loss. What was I saying?

Chicken  LET THE CHICKEN IN! The inaugural program premium that started the NCIP magnet craze. A few of these collectible magnets are still available- but when they’re gone, they’re gone. We’re moving on. No repeats. You snooze, you lose.

15 SECONDS   Amaze your friends with this cassette of 15 second samples of Count Reeshard’s vinyl collection encompassing A through L that he recorded while recovering from his vasectomy in Spring of 1990. If truly curious, inquire about the Dr. Wang experience. It’s unbelievable.

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