Luxuria Music Sponsorship Drive Tonight!! ~ Sat. 03-05 @ 9pm PST


Check it out, Group! Tonight’s annual LUXURIA MUSIC SPONSORSHIP DRIVE episode of NCIP features a most righteous new premium under the <Store> tab at — the N.C.I.P. All-Hemp Zippered Bag, adorned with a photo of that most decadent pit bull, co-host Lee-Roy! Buy one to store your loose change, loose joints, or condoms! Lux’s den mother Kat Griffin will be on the mic alongside Reeshard this evening @ 9pm PST via (or Luxuria Music on the Tune In app). There will be cultural scheiße a’plenty as usual, and Uncle Morty is sure to turn up at some point. So shake that wallet hand loose! And tune in anyways…

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