NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #81 ~ 01-09-16]


pictured: Barry & Glodean White

Not that every Saturday night at the Purple Bat Lounge isn’t exciting in its own fashion, but this one seemed to have a bit more edge built-in than is usually the case. There were two hours’ worth of engaging music and cultural scheiße, as one might expect. The Madison programmed a double-bill of genuinely Psychotronic™ films (see below). And, of course our favorite delivery man stopped by. Uncle Morty wheeled his Midnite Mobile Dispensary up to the curb on Brush Street and it was then that we learned of his premium offering of the week, that being something called…wait for it now… Alien Dawg. (Sounds dreadful, doesn’t it?) Which, of course, cohost Lee-Roy simply had to try…with the expected misadventure just around the corner, wouldn’t you just know.  After which Lee-Roy felt compelled to ‘go’ where no pit bull had gone before. Proving that for every action, there’s, well, a reaction. In any event, it’s worth tuning in, which  you can now do directly below…

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The contents of the four sets comprising Episode 81 of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT are as follows: 


Barry White — “I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby” — I’ve Got So Much To Give

Gabo Brown & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo — “It’s A Vanity” — African Scream Contest

The Progressives — “Hot Cinders” — Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar, Vol. 3: Cheater Stomp!

The Yardbirds — “I’m A Man” — Bo Did It Vol. 9

Brim — “Anti GanDJa” — Those Shocking Shaking Days: Indonesia Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978

Big Youth — “Every Nigger Is A Star” — Natty Universal Dread – Reggae Phenomenon (1973-1975)

Los Silvertones — “Up Tight” — Panama! 3: Calypso Panameno, Guajira Jazz & Cumbia Tipica On The Isthmus 1960-75


The Traits — “Nobody Loves the Hulk” — Malamondo 5


Anna Belle Caesar & Lionel Hampton & Orchestra — “Little Annie” — Outta Sight: Red Hot Rhythm & Blues Singles A&B Sides

Salamat — “Ya Tear” — Mambo El Soudani

The New Fugatives — “That’s Queer” — Back from the Grave # 8

Michelle Torr — “Non A Tous Les Garcons” — C’est Chic! French Girl Singers Of The 1960s

Link Wray and His Ray Men — “Jack The Ripper” — Dancehall Stringbusters

The Deacons — “A Drop in the Bucket” — The Detroit Funk Vaults: Funk & Soul from Dave Hamilton 1968-1979

The Moonglows — “Real Gone Mama” — Jump Children

The Lebron Brothers — “Boogaloo Lebron” — Playtime: Pure 70’s Latin Soul & Boogaloo

Grupo Celeste — “Viento” — Cumbia Beat Vol.1


Television — “Little Johnny Jewel” — Ork Records: New York, New York

Lea & Domingo — “Mozele-Paco” — Jalousie

The Shades — “Strollin’ After Dark” — The Roots Of Psychobilly

Aniceto Y Sus Fabulosos — “Los Fabulosos En Onda” — Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia

The Pac-Keys — “Diggin” — Soulin’ Vol. 1

Cedric Im Brooks — “Shaft” — Studio One Funk

The Ventures — “The McCoy” — Infamous Instro-Monsters


Tito Puente — “Caravan Mambo” — The Complete 78s, Volume 3

Keith Courvale — “Trapped Love” — Born Bad Vol. 8

Fela-Ransome Kuti — “Lai Se” — Vampisoul Goes To Africa: Afrobeat Nirvana

The Stooges — “My Idea of Fun” — The Weirdness

Bob Marley & The Wailers — “Brain Washing” — African Herbsman

The Kingpins — “Ungawa” — Forbidden City Dog Food

Suicide — “Che” — Suicide

The String-a-Longs — “Sunday (Slave Regina)” — Wheels: The Original Norman Petty Masters


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