N.C.I.P. Returns to LuxuriaMusic.com Tonight With An All New Episode!! ~ Sat. 11-14 @ 9pm PST

-24hr AD #53 11-14 layerd

Hey group! Join Reeshard & pal Lee-Roy as they return to the DJ booth at the Purple Bat Lounge. There’s the usual array of cherry-picked cultural scheiße — two hours’ worth of lease-breaking noises that are sure to delight. But the show is now enhanced with the actual sounds of the Purple Bat (and a new web address — noconditionispermanent.org). Lee-Roy has some new stroboscopic attachment for his collar. He’ll be the first to tell you that it doesn’t make up for the spaying procedure, but it does make him the coolest dog at the party. Not like he had doubts about that, but now this flashing green collar tag pretty much screams “Babe magnet heading your way.” That’s Lee-Roy’s opinion anyways, and he’s sticking to it. So tune into luxuriamusic.com at 9pm PST tonight (11/14/15), find out what’s playing at The Madison, hear the latest entries on Uncle Morty’s Cheeba Chart™ and help us lay waste to what might otherwise be a productive Saturday night. The perfect soundtrack for transcendental hedonism, awaiting you at 9pm PST tonight…

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