NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #72 ~ 08-02-15]


Commuters, she thought. Life in the country. Get out of the city and into the country where you can really live. Live? It was a joke. Get out of the city, drive a car that isn’t paid for, live in a house that isn’t paid for, pinch every penny in the hope that it will change its color and become a dime. Live, live, live. Who was kidding whom? It was no different in the country than it was in the city. You went into debt just the same, you made mistakes just the same, and sometimes, if you got the chance, you really blew everything apart. Seven years of marriage, she thought, and where’s it gone? Well, that was a silly question. It hadn’t gone anywhere. Into the divorce court, that’s where it would finally go. As soon as that was finished, she would be free. Free? She’d never be free, not with this body, not with all the need that was within her. She’d always be a slave to the one thing in life that could take her all the way down. There was, she might just as well admit, only one thing she wanted from a man. Be honest with yourself, she thought. Stop pretending. You’re a bitch, pure bitch, and your brains are more in your belly than they are in your head. You’ve got just one thing on your mind. One thing. It was there all the time. One thing. One thing to set you on fire and make you burn like a wood furnace out of control. Wild. A fool. Trapped for seven years, like a kennel dog.

– Orrie Hitt, Suburban Wife

You may acquire and/or stream Episode 72 of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT by clicking HERE.

The contents of the four sets comprising Episode 72 of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT are as follows: 


Detroit Symphony Orchestra – “I Have Faith In You” – The Soul of Detroit

Chuck Barrister & The Voices Of Darkness – “Be Kind, Be Foolish, Be Happy” – The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria

Los Holys – “Melodia Encanta” – Sleazy Surf! Vol 2

Betty O’Brien – “She’ll Be Gone” – Outta Sight: The R&B Singles Collection Vol. 1

ESG – “Tiny Sticks” – Come Away with ESG

The Jordan Brothers – “Basin Street Rumble” – Jordan 45rpm

Dara Puspita – “Lihat Adikku (See My Little Sister)” – Dara Puspita 1966-1968

Roy Brown – “Rockin’ at Midnight” – Pay Day Jump: The Later Sessions

Eddie Riff – “My Baby’s Gone Away” – Desperate Rock ‘N’ Roll, Vol. 9

Soul Runners – “Grits ‘n Corn Bread” – Funky Crimes


Big Youth – “Lightning Flash (Weak Heart Drop)” – Dreadlocks Dread

The Dragons – “Elephant Stomp” – Frolic Diner Vol. 3

Roger Damawuzan & Les As du Benin – “Baba Na Ayele” – Wait for Me

The Supremes – “Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart” – 20 Original Mod Classics

Coco Lagos Y Sus Orates – “Guajiro Boogaloo” – I Gotta New Dance

The Uprisers – “Let Me Take You Down” – Garage Punk Unknowns 8

Chicha Libre – “Alone Again Or” – The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Cumbia

Andre Williams & His Orchestra – “Soul Groove” – Rib Tips & Pig Snoots: Rare & Unreleased Au-Go-Go Soul 1965-1971

Charanjit Singh – “Dulhan Maike Chali – Transicord (Manoranjan)” – Instrumental Film Tunes

Detroit City Limits – “98 Cents Plus Tax” – Soul Explosion


Zorba & The Greeks – “Shockwave” – Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar, Vol. 4: Shockwave!

Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band – “Bukom Mashie” – Afro Tropical Soundz Vol.1

The Four – “69” – Back from the Grave #10

Pianonegro – “La Cascada” – Diablos del Ritmo: The Colombian Melting Pot 1960-1985

The Sunshot Band – “Wonder Woman Dub” – Dial M For Murder In Dub Style

Billy Davis & The Legends – “Spunky Onions” – Savage Catfish Kick

Ramones – “I Don’t Wanna Go Down To The Basement” – Ramones

Martin Rev – “Mari” – Martin Rev

Dave Hamilton – “Ain’t It A Groove” – Detroit City Grooves


The Cramps – “Human Fly” – File Under Sacred Music: Early Singles 1978-81

Red Rogers – “Congo Bounce” – Jungle Exotica Volume 2

Etta James – “Seven Day Fool” – Outta Sight: The R&B Singles Collection, Vol. 1

Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – “Ashtray Heart” – Doc At The Radar Station

The Bobbettes (with Reggie Obrecht Orchestra) – “Mr. Lee” – The Complete Story Of Doo Wop: Vol. 9, 1957

Abelardo Carbonó – “Guaguancó Moderno” – El Maravilloso Mundo de… Abelardo Carbonó

Ikebe Shakedown – “The Viking” – Ikebe Shakedown

Sly & Robbie & Derrick – “Reggae Strings” – Rasta Movement 12″ Single

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