NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #66 ~ 05-16-15]


Unfortunately, it is precisely those who shouldn’t listen to music who constitute the majority of its most influential critics. These people, the snarling dogs who enforce mediocrity through their vehemence, sneering, and know-it-all pretensions, resent music because to them it is an unfathomable, inscrutable riddle. They want to speak about it, hold forth on it, determine its future like the parched schoolteacher who crushes the spirit of the child because he too was crushed so long ago. It’s important to identify “music for people who shouldn’t listen to music” and separate it into a different camp; it is indeed another “thing.” It should occupy a space for so-called music which isn’t music at all – in the same manner that television news isn’t news and fast food isn’t food. This new genre would be for people who don’t like music at all, but are gleaning some sort of identification through it.

– Ian F. Svenonius, Supernatural Strategies For Making A Rock’n’Roll Group

You may acquire and/or stream NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT Episode 66 HERE.

The contents of the four sets comprising Episode 66 of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT are as follows:  


The Dramatics – “Watcha See Is Watcha Get” –Sweet Soul Music: 26 Scorching Classics from 1971

K Assale – “Adoue Pla Moussoue” – Ivory Coast Soul: Afro Funk From Abidjan From 1972 To 1982

The Infinitives – “Thousand Tears” – Last of the Garage Punk Unknowns Volume 1

The La Playa Orchestra – “Olvidate De Mi” – Boogaloo Pow Wow: Dancefloor Rendez-Vous In Young Nuyorica

John Fred & The Playboys – “Shirley” – Modernists: A Decade Of Rhythm & Soul Dedication

Brigitte Bardot – “Harley Davidson” – Vamps Et Vampire: The Songs Of Serge Gainsbourg

The Tennors – “Ride De Donkey” – Feel Like Jumping: Rock Steady and Reggae from Jamaica 1966-68

Lijadu Sisters – “You Can Touch Me” – KonKombé DVD

Willie Tell & the Overtures – “Kick-Back” – Funky Crimes


The Vibrators – “Baby Baby” – Pure Mania

Bunny Lee – “King Queen and Minstreal Dub” – King Of Dub

DNA – “Size” – DNA On DNA

Bob & Earl – “When She Walks” – Gee Whiz: The Class Records Story 1956-1962

Ari Up – “Baby Mother” – Dread More Dan Dead

Link Wray – “Raw-Hide” – The Rumbling Guitar Sound Of Link Wray 58-62

Pedro Miguel Y Sus Maracaibos – “Piraña” – Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia

Zia – “Man Kiam?” – Raks Raks Raks: 17 Golden Garage Psych Nuggets From The Iranian 60s Scene

Ernest Tucker – “Gonna Get Me A Satellite” – Desperate Rock ‘N’ Roll, Vol. 12

Snooky & The Cosmic Flowers – “Mini Skirts” – Golden State Funk: Impossibly Rare Funk From The Bay Area Group

Doueh – “Wazan Samat” – Guitar Music From the Western Sahara


The Elegants – “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” – Shout! Northwest Killers Vol. 2 – 1964-1965

Television – “Friction” – Marquee Moon

Franco et le T.P. O.K. Jazz – “Kamikaze” – 20eme Anniversaire

Sonny Steveson – “Bessie Lou” – Dangerous Doo-Wop 4

The A-Bones – “Oh Yeah” – Ears Wide Shut

Gert Wilden – “Moulinex” – Popshopping Vol. 1: Juicy Music From German Commercials 1960-1975

Dale Vaughn & The Star Notes – “How Can You Be Mean To Me” – Got Rockin’ On My Mind: Red Hot Rockabilly

Los Saicos – “Camisa de Fuerza” – ¡Demolición! The Complete Recordings


Eloise Laws – “Tighten Him Up” – Backbeats: Detroit Gold – 70s Soul Grooves From The Motor City

Sangthong Seesai – “Luck Luck Luck” – Thai Funk ZudRangMa Vol. 2

The Dynamos – “Manhunt” – Loose Lips Might Sink Ships: Greasy Instrumental Magic From The Vault Of Lux And Ivy

The Unrelated Segments – “Where You Gonna Go” – Where You Gonna Go? (Motor City Garage Bands 1965-1969)

Ali Hassan Kuban – “Al Ghazal” – Walk Like A Nubian

Ray Barretto – “Thunderball” – Señor 007

The Mockers – “Madalena” – Sleazy Surf! Vol 2

Conjunto Casino – “Yo Te Conozco” – Moliendo Café

Kevin Ayers – “Religious Experience (Singing A Song In The Morning)” – Joy Of A Toy


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BLACK & BROWN stamps may be redeemed at both THE MADISON and THE PURPLE BAT LOUNGE.

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