NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT – PLEDGE DRIVE Wk #1 [Episode #58 ~ 02-28-15]


This is the first of two episodes of NCIP devoted to raising money for Luxuria Music. Reeshard & Station Den Mother Kat Griffin spend some time together on air, drinking Cape Codders and exhorting listeners to visit and buy a few things therein that might help the cause…Things like the 3 models of refrigerator magnet designed to commemorate NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT:

• The time-honored CHICKEN MAGNET. Psychoanalytic amulet or a mere refrigerator magnet? It’s your call.

• The ultra-bitchen, brand new LEE-ROY MAGNET. (According to my co-host, “Chicks need the Lee-Roy.”)

• The newer-than-brand new, postcard-sized UNCLE MORTY’S MIDNITE MOBLE DISPENSARY MAGNET as pictured above. The latter available in a very limited edition only.  

Terrific music and laughter are heard throughout. Lee-Roy prompts Reeshard to recount an anecdote from his past, in which no one emerges looking good, inflicting embarrassment upon Kat and the assembled listenership. This might have hurt magnet sales, but we’re not certain as the numbers aren’t in as yet. It also may have pushed Kat over the edge at one point in the proceedings, those moments when she began screaming “Click the chicken!’ with the desperate emphasis known only to drowning victims. Tune in anyways and help support Luxuria Music…

You may acquire and/or stream NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT Episode 58 HERE.

The contents of the four sets comprising Episode 58 of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT are as follows: 


Spinners – “The Rubberband Man” – Sounds Of The Seventies: 1976

Pazy & The Black Hippies – “Papa’s Black Dog” – Wa Ho Ha

The Avantis – “Gypsy Surfer” – Legends Of Guitar: Surf Vol. 1

Count Reeshard’s Vasectomy Memorial Cassette – “15 Seconds A-L”

Dennis Coffey & the Detroit Guitar Band – “Getting It On” – Funky Crimes


Bébé Manga – “Amie” – Golden Afrique Vol. 1

The Ho-Dads – “Honky” – The Goodie Train

Count Reeshard’s Vasectomy Memorial Cassette – “15 Seconds A-L”

Abelardo Carbonó – “Muévela” – El Maravilloso Mundo de Abelardo Carbonó


Big Youth – “Touch Me In The Morning” – Natty Cultural Dread

Jean Pierre Pouret – “Two Partners” – Parties Fines Pt 1: A Voluptuous Journey Through 70s French Erotic Cinema

Count Reeshard’s Vasectomy Memorial Cassette – “15 Seconds A-L”

Đàn Bầu Việtnam – “Rider In The Sky (Live)” – Hồ #1 Roady Music From Viêtnam


John Holt – “Ali Baba” – Treasure Isle Showtime

Duke Reid – “Arabian Dub” – Treasure Isle Dub: Vol. 1

Dr. Alimantado – “I Killed The Barber” – Best Dressed Chicken In Town

The Detroit Cobras – “Cha Cha Twist” – Baby

Suicide – “Cheree” – Suicide




BLACK & BROWN stamps may be redeemed at both THE MADISON and THE PURPLE BAT LOUNGE.

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