NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #56 ~ 02-07-15]

SLITS copy

Being involved in music is a great outlet for Ari – I can’t imagine her finding a place in society otherwise. She’s lucky her family has money; plenty of people with her extreme character traits but no money must end up in some sort of institution because their parents can’t cope. The combination of money and a bohemian mother who moves in artistic and musical circles means that people are more accepting of Ari’s behaviour. I think a lot of Ari’s attitude is a rebellion against her mother’s cool, blonde beauty. She knows she can’t compete with that, so she goes to the opposite extreme.

Difficult as she is, and different as the band are as people, there are core beliefs that we all share and I’m amazed and excited that we’ve found each other. One of the many things we all agree on is, we hate double standards and false people and all of us are very vocal in our damnation of any hapless person who crosses our path who hasn’t thought rigorously about life.

When we were on a TV show in Holland, Mike Oldfield’s sister, Sally, was on the same bill. She had a single out at the time (‘Mirrors’). Sally was dressed in a peasant gypsy-type dress and warbling away in a breathy little-girl voice. We went up to her afterwards and told her she was shit, that she was compounding stereotypes and doing a disservice to girls, that she should take a good look at what she was doing and how she was projecting herself and be honest about who she was. She burst into tears. We do that sort of thing all the time.

 – Viv Albertine, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys

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The contents of the four sets comprising Episode 56 of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT are as follows:


The Street People – “You’re My One Weakness Girl” – Frankie Crocker “Do It Frankie, Do It To It!”

Bob Pinado & His Sound Casters – “Me, You, One (Means I Love You)” – Ghana Soundz Vol. 2: Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70’s Ghana

The Moons – “Gammera” – Sleazy Surf! Vol 1

The Slits – “Love Und Romance” – Cut

The Human Beinz – “Nobody But Me” – Nuggets I: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era

La Playa Sextet – “No Me Dejes” – Boogaloo Pow Wow

Johnny Hodges – “Castle Rock” – Blowing The Fuse: 1951

Sergio Del Río Y Su Conjunto – “Mama Loo & Ata Una Cinta Alrededor Del Viejo Roble” – Latinamericarpet: Exploring The World Of Latin American Psychedelia Vol. 1

Harry J All Stars – “Soul Scorcher” – Liquidator: The Best Of The Harry J All Stars


The Monks – “Complication” – Black Monk Time

The Congos – “Stay Alive” – Image of Africa

The Congos – “Stay Alive Dub” – Image of Africa

James Booker – “Gonzo” – In The Beginning: The Mod Story

Trio La Rosa – “Pico De Oro” – Esto Si Que Esta Gracioso

Dara Puspita – “Musafir Cinta (The Love Traveler)” – Dara Puspita 1966-1968

The Pazant Brothers – “Chick A Boom” – The Brothers Funk: Rare New York City Funk 1969-1975

The Headhunters – “Nau Ninny Nau” – The East Side Sound: 1965-1977

Sadistic Mika Band – “Picnic Boogie” – Sadistic Mika Band

The Fireballs – “Dumbo” – Dancehall Stringbusters

Trycerz – “It’s Gonna Change” – Fort Worth Teen Scene Vol. 3


Les Jaguars – “Guitare Jet” – Adventures Into Unknown Instrumentals vol. 1

Afrosound – “Banana De Queso” – The Afrosound Of Colombia, Vol. 2

Don Covay – “An Ugly Woman (Is Twice As Sweet)” – Mambo 8: Loose Caboose

Clothilde – “Saperlipopette’ – Femmes De Paris, Vol.3

Lashio Thien Aung – “A Girl Among Girls” – Guitars Of The Golden Triangle: Folk And Pop Music Of Myanmar (Burma) Vol. 2

Ikebe Shakedown – “Hard Steppin’” – Hard Steppin’

Brian Eno – “Baby’s On Fire” – Here Come The Warm Jets

The Shadows – “Apache” – Complete Singles As & Bs 1959-1980

The Fore Thoughts – “Jungee” – Pakistan: Folk and Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976


20/20 – “Yellow Pills” – 20/20

Los Beltons – “Cumbia Pop” – Cumbia Beat Vol. 1

Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band – “Suzy Murder Wrist” – Brown Star Sessions ’72

Little Jr. Jesse & the Tear Drops – “Give Your Love to Me” – Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label

Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant – “Frettin’ Fingers” – Swingin’ on the Strings: The Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant Collection Vol.2

Al Jackson – “It Ain’t Gonna Be Like That” – Stompin’ 21 (Early Jump)

The Velvet Underground – “Guess I’m Falling In Love (Live)” – Peel Slowly And See

Earle Mankey – “Mau Mau” – BOMP! 45rpm



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