NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #55 ~ 01-31-15]

B&W dance RED crop

That is why there are more liquor stores, more churches, more whorehouses, more lying, more laughter, more screwing, fighting and footracing, more numbers players, more freeloaders, more sports, more bars, more jukeboxes, more jazz, more crime, more chitterlings eaten, more singing and dancing, more knife-toting and loud-mouthing, more praying and shouting, more credit-buying, more ducking and dodging the collectors, more worrying and complaining, and with all of that more fun to be had than in any other city in the world. The people have faith. Why else would a forty-five-dollar-a-week porter go out on a Saturday night and blow his whole pay on a pickup in a bar? He’s got faith.

White people go up to Harlem to warm themselves at this faith. They bask before it. There is nothing more inspiring to a fifteen-thousand-dollar-a-year white man, depressed by taxes and debts and ulcers and fear of impotence and a nagging wife, than a trip to Mamie Mason’s in Harlem and seeing how Negroes manage on one-third of that income and listening to them laughing. Not only laughing at what is considered funny, but laughing at all the things considered unfunny, laughing at the white people and laughing at themselves, laughing at the strange forms injustice takes and at the ofttimes ridiculousness of righteousness. What is more cheering than laughter? Aphrodisiacal too.

Once a famous white man, explaining his enthusiasm for Mamie Mason’s parties, said, “When I go there I forget all my problems, my worries, my burdens; I forget my wife and children and my stock market losses; I feel so warm and comfortable and relaxed that I don’t want to do anything but fornicate.”

– Chester Himes, Pinktoes

You may acquire and/or stream NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT Episode 55 HERE.

The contents of the four sets comprising Episode 55 of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT are as follows:


Muscle Shoals Swampers – “House For Sale” – Double Cookin’: Classic Northern Soul Instrumentals

Third Eye – “Children’s Song” – African Music Today

The Scorpions – “Riders In the Sky” – Godfathers Of Psychobilly

The Aggrovators – “Rockers Almighty Dub” – Rockers Almighty Dub

Vichan Maneechot – “Dance Dance Dance” – Thai Beat A Go-Go

Jamo Thomas & His Party Brothers Orchestra – “I Spy (For The FBI)” – Mod Life Crisis: 60’s Mod Anthems For The In Crowd

The Ramones – “I Don’t Want You” – Road To Ruin

Juaneco y su Combo – “Recordando a Fachín” – Cumbia Beat Vol. 2: Tropical Sounds from Peru 1966–1983

“Nomad Sahara FM” – Radio Niger

The Dynamic Batmen – “The Joker Laughs” – Malamondo 7


Orlando Julius with the Heliocentrics – “Omo Oba Blues” – Jaiyede Afro

Aki Aelong – “Earthquake” – The Surf Creature Vol. 3

The Joe Cuba Sextet – “Gimme Some Love” – The Bad Boogaloo: Nu Yorican Sounds 1966-1970

Ognir And The Night People – “I Found A New Love” – Teenage Shutdown 3: Things Been Bad

Winston Riley & The Techniques – “Gambling Dub” – Techniques In Dub

Mehrpouya – “Dokhtare Shab” – Rangarang: Pre-Revolutionary Iranian Pop

Television – “Beauty Trip” – Television

Joe Mayfield – “On The Move” – Twistin’ Rumble!! 6

Docteur Nico & Orchestre African Fiesta – “Ndima Malomba” – Merveilles du Passé 1963 1965


Willie Colón – “Willie Whopper” – The Rough Guide To Boogaloo

Augustus Pablo – “East Of The River Nile” – Aquarius Rock: The Hip Reggae World Of Herman Chin-Loy

New Process – “Bus People Theme” – Original Raw Soul III

The Detroit Cobras – “Putty (In Your Hands)” – Mink Rat or Rabbit

P.M. Pocket Music – “Pama Rum Kwan” – Shadow Music Of Thailand

Canadian VIPs – “Shallow Hole” – Shout! Northwest Killers Vol. 2 – 1964-1965

Bell’a Njoh – “Ebolo” – Sofrito: International Soundclash

The Rolling Stones – “The Last Time” – Singles Collection: The London Years

Los Holys – “Sueno Sicodelico” – Los Nuggetz: 60’s Punk, Pop and Psychedelic from Latin America


Pamelo Mounk’a –“Youyourou Nyoumba” – Pamelo Mounk’a

Cheikh Sidi Bémol – “Ma Kayen Walou Kima L’Amour” – Arabesque Arba’a 4

Big Brown – “My Testament” – I Still Hate CD’s: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection

We The People… – “In The Past” – Garage Beat ’66 Vol. 6: Speak Of The Devil…

The Pharoahs – “Have Love Will Travel” – Vicious Vicious Vocals! Volume Vun

Silvestre Montez Y Sus Guantanameros – “El Pajarito” – Gozalo! Bugalu Tropical Vol. 3

Mad Man Jones – “Snake Charmer” – Sin Alley Vol. 4



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