NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #52 ~ 01-10-15]


“So we went to the club, and James started to sing. Now he must have seen an act named Big Jay McNeely. Big Jay had a thing where he would get on his back and he’d crawl all over the floor on his back blowing his horn, his saxophone. James must have seen this because James got on the floor and did the same thing, crawling from table to table singing this song I’d heard on the dub, which was ‘Please, Please, Please.’ It was fantastic.  I got back to Cincinnati and called the group. I told them to come up to Cincinnati at a certain time and I’d put them up in a hotel. They came up and we did the session. I was in St. Louis when Henry Glover and Andy Gibson, an arranger for King, came in on their way to Hot Springs, Arkansas. “They said, ‘You better call the old man right away. He told us when we found you to tell you you were fired.’ And I said, ‘Fired? For what? What did I do this time?’ They just said, ‘You’d better call.’ So I did. Nathan got on the phone and said, ‘What are you on? What kind of shit are you on?’ See, everybody in those days thought I was smoking pot because of the crazy things I did. Henry Glover said to me once, ‘I’m black, but I won’t go in some of the joints you do.’ So, I had to be on some shit, right? Anyway, Nathan says, ‘You gotta be on something, because how could anybody in his right mind record the worst piece of shit I ever heard in my life? Sounds like someone stuttering on a record, all he says is one word.’

– Jon Hartley Fox, King Of The Queen City: The Story Of King Records

You may acquire and/or stream NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT Episode 52 HERE.

The contents of the four sets comprising Episode 52 of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT are as follows:


First Choice – “Armed and Extremely Dangerous” – Sweet Soul Music: 23 Scorching Classics from 1973

Lafayette Afro Rock Band – “Racubah” – Afon- 10 Unreleased Afro Funk Recordings (1971-1974)

The Sherwoods – “El Scorpion” – Sleazy Surf! Vol. 2

Ike Turner – “Thinking Black” – A Black Man’s Soul

Piero Piccioni – “No Dice Ná” – Ain’t Nothin’ ‘Bout ‘Gator Huntin’!

Fruko & Sus Tesos – “Achilipú” – The Afrosound Of Colombia, Vol. 2

Derrick Harriott – “Slave (12″ Version)” – Riding The Roots Chariot

The Solicitors – “Do It Like You Feel It” – Funky Crimes


Hank Levine & Orchestra – “Image, Pt. 2” – Northern Soul All Nighter

Augustus Pablo – “King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown” – King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown

Young-Holt Trio – “Wack Wack” – Looking Good: Mod Club Classics

Takeshi Terauchi – “Kuroda Bushi” – Nippon Guitars

Vis-à-Vis – “Gladys Mmbobor” – Obi Agye Me Dofo

Del Shannon – “Move It On Over” – Teenage Shutdown 1: Jump, Jive & Harmonize

Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors – “Scream” – Kogar’s Spooky Spectacular

Kanong Krung – “Teungjai Bunpraruksa” – Thai? Dai!: The Heavier Side of the Luk Thung Underground

Nil’s Jazz Ensemble – “Reflexions” – Peruvian Funk

The Cramps – “She’s Got Balls” – Fiends Of Dope Island


Ricardo Marrero And The Group – “Babalonia” – Welcome To The Party

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “All Night” – R&B Humdingers 2

Gary Hodge – “Not For Love Or Money” – Early Northwest Rockers & Instrumentals Vol.01 – Everybody’s Boppin’

Tito Puente – “Ran Kan Kan” – The Complete 78s, Volume 3

Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland – “Love You Baby” – Kent 45rpm

The Tammys – “Egyptian Shumba” – Bug Out – Vol. 3

Segun Bucknor – “Adebo” – Who Say I Tire

Lucho Bermúdez y Su Orquesta – “Arroz Con Coco” – Lucho Bermúdez y Su Orquesta

Hasil Adkins – “No More Hot Dogs” – Out to Hunch

Clyde Mcphatter And The Drifters – “What’cha Gonna Do” – The Complete Story Of Doo Wop: Vol. 7, 1955


The Morells – “Gettin’ In Shape” – Shake And Push

Fathi Abou Greisha – “Hager” – Egypt Noir: Nubian Soul Treasures

Shadows Four – “Follow Me” – Strummin’ Mental 5

Prince Jazzbo & The Upsetters – “Croaking Lizard” – Super Ape

The Squires – “Do Be Oo Be Wop Wop” – Ai! Si! Si!: Mambo & Latin Flavoured Rhythm & Blues

Hailu Mergia and The Walias – “Yikirta Lemminalehu” – Tche Belew

The Detroit Cobras – “Stupidity” – Life, Love and Leaving

Audience – “I Had a Dream” – The House on the Hill



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