All New Episode of N.C.I.P. Tomorrow!! ~ Sat. 11-15 @ 9pm PST

-24hr AD #22 11-07 layerd

Count Reeshard & pal Lee-Roy return to tomorrow (Sat.) evening at 9pm PST, trafficking still more of the cultural scheiße which some of you crave, albeit at random intervals. You’ll hear The Modulations, Exile One, T. Rex, The Astronauts, Omar Khorshid, Tito Puente, Pete De Bree, Manuel B. Holcolm…and that’s just the first set. (If you’ve powered up your vaporizer far enough in advance, this could do the trick.) The Madison, having dispensed with Halloween programming, returns to what it does best with another blaxploitation double feature. There’s more goodies from the jukebox at the Purple Bat Lounge. And yes, Virginia, dear Uncle Morty will wheel his wretched former postal truck up on the curb, – possibly sparing the new lawn jockey – the better to announce the happening strains on this week’s Cheeba Chart™. Tune in anyways…

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