NO CONDITION IS HALLOWEEN [Episode #44 ~ 10-25-14]

NCIP Halloween 2014

Corniness is the other side of marvelousness. What person believing in a fantasy can bear to have its other side discovered. Thru accidents,rudenesses, scandals, human weaknesses have cut short those who made movie worlds (movies as place) that were too full to have room for anything but coincidences, politenesses & benightings. But denial is short lived. So will our denial of our personal films. Someday we will value these personal masterpieces. We don’t have to do injustice to the film of cutting, camera movement, rhythm, classical feeling, structured, thought loaded (for there’s the moldiness of the foreign darling, that it disobeys its own most central rule that technique by itself can evoke as does poetry). Yet plots that demand serious definite attention spell out the evocation for the images.

These were light films if we really believed that films are visual it would be possible to believe these rather pure cinema – weak technique, true, but rich imagery. They had a stilted, phony imagery that we choose to object to, but why react against that phoniness. That phoniness could be valued as rich in interest & revealing. Why do we object to not being convinced – why can’t we enjoy phoniness? Why resent the patent “phoniness’, of these films – because it holds a mirror to our own, possibly.

– Jack Smith, “The Perfect Filmic Appositeness Of Maria Montez,” Historical Treasures

You may acquire Episode 44 HERE.

As follows, our musical selections within each of the four sets comprising Episode 44 of NO CONDITION IS HALLOWEEN: 


Anton LaVey – “Satan Takes a Holiday” – Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Vol 3

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “I Hear Voices” – I Hate CDs: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 1

Christine Pilzer – “Dracula” – Femmes De Paris, Vol.1

Rex Garvin – “Strange Happenings” – Halloween Instrumentals

Morgus & the 3 Ghouls [a.k.a. Dr. John] – “Morgus The Magnificent” – The Dr. John Anthology

Baron Daemon & the Vampires – “Ghost Guitars” – Adventures Into Unknown Instrumentals Vol. 2

Peter Tosh – “Dracula” – Intel-Diplo 45rpm

The Magics – “Zombie Walk” – Haunted Halloween

Count Down & the Moonsters – “Hindu On a Honda” – Malamondo 5

Count Floyd – “Treat Her Like A Lady” – Disco Sickness


The Revels – “Midnight Stroll” – Doo Wop Halloween

The Devils – “The Exorcist” – Halloween Instrumentals

Lon Chaney Jr – “Spider Baby Theme” – Spider Baby Soundtrack

The Who – “Boris The Spider” – A Quick One (CD1 – Mono Mixes)

Bobby Christian & the Allen Sisters – “The Spider & the Fly” – Haunted Halloween

The Keytones – “I Was a Teenage Monster” – Malamondo 4

The Hollywood Flames – “Frankenstein’s Den” – I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon

The Five Jones Boys – “Mr. Ghost Goes To Town” – Kogar’s Spooky Spectacular

Gene Page – “Blacula” – Blacula Soundtrack


Kevin Ayers – “Song From The Bottom Of A Well” – Whatevershebringswesing

Lee Kristofferson – “Night of the Werewolf” – Halloween Instrumentals

Jack & Jim – “Midnight Monster Hop” – I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon

The Duponts – “Screamin’ Ball” – Kogar’s Spooky Spectacular

The Surfmen – “Ghost Hop” – Halloween Instrumentals 3

Bobby Bare – “Vampira” – I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon

Eddie Angel – “Werewolf” – Instant Insanity

Sonny Richard’s “Panics” – “The Voodoo Walk” – Haunted Halloween

The Ventures – “Vampcamp” – Halloween Instrumentals 3


Aural Exciters – “Emile (Night Rate)” – Spooks In Space

Jan Davis – “Watusi Zombie” – Dancehall Stringbusters

King Horror – “Dracula Prince Of Darkness” – Loch Ness Monster

Lenny Bruce – “My Werewolf Mama” – Malamondo 6

Round Robin – “I’m The Wolfman” – I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon

The Weirdos – “Jack the Ripper” – Halloween Instrumentals

The Del Vikings, w/Carl Stevens Orch. – “The Voodoo Man” – Haunted Halloween

The Bonzo Dog Band – “Slush” – Let’s Make Up And Be Friendly


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