NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #41 ~ 10-04-14]


They were dancing the Madison. The hard beat of the music reverberated in the big room, throbbing waves of sound crashing one over the other, colliding, reeling, making the whole house tremble. The dancers were charged with the hard beat, the two lines of them facing each other, approaching, falling back, pivoting, wheeling, each one alone yet part of the group. Wild-eyed and drunk with the rhythm, they danced and danced with a furious, unconscious skill, clapping their hands and calling the beat.
Evvie danced with them, her face flushed, her fine eyes sparkling with pleasure. She was with it all the way. For a time Ring danced opposite her, then it was Dodo. “Clash with Dodo, baby – clash!” said Dodo as they came together, rocking and swaying. “Dodo wants to kiss you, baby. Down there, baby. Mmmm!” Dodo’s eyes were fixed in concupiscence on Evvie’s crotch. Evvie’s slacks were tight, and her mound of Venus was outlined under the material.
“Ready now sinners – the Gimp!” It was Jujube calling the Madison steps. The beat became harder, more compelling, as the dancers fell into a routine which had them hopping about with one leg game and stiff. It was exaggerated, even distatsteful, but Evvie danced along with the others and drank thirstily from a paper cup filled with dago red. The room smelled of sweat and cheap wine and marijuana. The dance rose to a jolting, stomping climax. The plaster Buddha rocked off the mantel and shattered on the floor. The sound of its breaking was lost in the uproar. It might as well have been a pillow falling.

~ James Henderson, Long Night In Hell

You may acquire Episode 41 HERE.

As follows, the selections within the four sets comprising Episode 41 of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT…


Eddie Kendricks – “Boogie Down” – Sweet Soul Music: 23 Scorching Classics from 1974

Keyboard – “A Big Mess” – Hungry Man

Willie Mitchell – “That Driving Beat” – Say Hi To Northern Soul: Willie Mitchell’s Driving Beat

Los Ecos – “La Gran Pelea” – Psicofasicos De Bolivia

Juaneco Y Su Combo – “El Pelejito Bailarin” – Masters Of Chicha 1

Radio Thailand – “Rao Rao” – Radio Thailand: Transmissions From The Tropical Kingdom

The Royal Coachmen – “Loophole” – Muscle Bustle: Classic Tracks From The Surf’n’Drag Era

Wareika Hill Sounds – “Africa Freedom March” – Wareika Hill Sounds

J.C. Davis – “Coconut Brown” – Funky Crimes


Joseph Kabasele – “Bana Na Nwa” – Le Grand Kallé: His Life, His Music – Joseph Kabasele And The Creation Of Modern Congolese Music

The Four Dreamers – “Bombora” – Complete Sixties Instrumentals

Sadistic Mika Band – “Style Is Changing” – Hot! Menu

Carrie Lucas – “Career Girl” – S.O.L.A.R. 12″

Calvin Cool – “El Tecolote” – Mad Mike Monsters: A Tribute To Mad Mike Petrovich – Vol. 1

The Hygrades – “In The Jungle” – Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock & Fuzz Funk in 1970s Nigeria

The Strangeloves – “I Want Candy” – Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era

Very Be Careful – “El Puma” – Salad Buey

The Rip Chords – “Big Wednesday” – Three Window Coupe


Bombino – “Azamane Tiliade” – Nomad

Paul Revere & The Raiders – “Him Or Me (What’s It Gonna Be)” – Kicks (1963-1972): The Anthology

Bobby Valentin – “Use It Before You Lose It” – Dance The Latin… Soul, Jazz, Funk!

The Facinators – “Fried Chicken And Macaroni” – Doo Wop ‘N’ Jive, Vol. 1

The Mermen – “Honeybomb” – Food for Other Fish

Andre Williams – “Rib Tips Pt.1” – Detroit Soul 3: Andre Williams

The Cables – “What Am I To Do” – What Kind Of World

Big John Taylor – “Money, Money” – Wildsville!!


Jah Lion – “Colombia Colly” – Colombia Colly

Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson – “Come on Baby [Guitar Version]” – Hot Just Like TNT

Tony Allen – “One Tree” – Lagos No Shaking

Storey Sisters – “Bad Motorcycle” – Lux and Ivy’s Favorites Vol. 2

Louie Ramirez – “Lucy’s Spanish Harlem” – Long Live Boogaloo: 22 Rare Latin Boogaloos from Spanish Harlem ’63-’72

Roxy Music – “Trash” – Manifesto

Radio Sumatra – “Karaoke Hit Parade” – Radio Sumatra: The Indonesian FM Experience

The Four Jacks – “The Last of the Good Rocking Men” – The Complete Story of Doo Wop, vol. 4: 1952

Canario y su Grupo – “Que Tabaco Malo” – Plenas

Kevin Ayers – “Falling In Love Again” – Yes We Have No Mananas, So Get Your Mananas Today


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