NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #38 ~ 09-06-14]


“Dancing is pure and it feels good. Our bodies are supposed to be mobilized. We sit at work. We drive everywhere. Friday and Saturday night are for dancing. You guys are stupid! Look at these girls. They’re dancing. You guys wondering why you don’t get laid? You’re not dancing with the pretty girls. People of my parents’ generation, that’s how they fell in love! Dancing was their first physical contact. ‘Honey, I know your father is a brute, but you’ve got to understand… he used to be such a dancer!’ It’s part of the mating ritual. Unfortunately, the mating ritual now is meeting for coffee and talking on the internet. There’s no glory in that. No wonder all these guys are emaciated, effeminate, fucking little dorks. No wonder I don’t have sex with anyone, I’d fucking break them.”

– Rachel Nagy, vocalist, Detroit Cobras

You may acquire Episode 38 HERE.

As follows, the selections within the four sets comprising Episode 38 of N.C.I.P….


The O’Jays – “For The Love Of Money” – Ministry of Sound Funk Soul Classics

Gydeu Blay-Ambolley – “Akoko Ba” – Booniay!! A Compilation of West African Funk

Enchanters 4 – “Like Tuff” – Strummin’ Mental 3

The Quintones – “My Girl Ivy” – Doo Wop ‘N’ Jive, Vol. 1

The Kinks – “Revenge” – The Kinks

Suicide – “Ghost Rider” – Suicide

Jacqueline Taïeb – “7 Heures Du Matin” – Femmes De Paris, Vol.1

Tony Alvon & The Belairs – “Sexy Coffee Pot” – Soulin’ Vol. 3

Total Experience – “Illusion” – Funky Crimes


Scatman Crothers – “Transfusion” – Lowbrow vol.1: Sweet Beat

The Sonics – “Busy Body” – I Hate CDs: Norton Records 45 RPM Singles Collection Vol. 1

Errol Brown & the Sky Nations – “Dub You Know” – Medley Dub

Louie Ramirez – “Cookin With A&J” – Louie’s Grooves: Latin Soul, Jazz & Boogaloo

Michael Jackson – “Get On The Floor” – Off The Wall

Alan Bishop – “Radio International” – Radio Algeria

The Shadows Of Knight – “You Can’t Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover” – Bo Did It Vol.5

Robert Parker – “All Night Long” – Frolic Diner Vol. 4

Harry Mosco – “Ada Aku” – For You Specially


Burning Spear – “Civilized Reggae” – Social Living

The Royaltones – “Seesaw” – Jubilee 45rpm

Sroeng Santi – “Overkill” – Thai Funk ZudRangMa Vol. 2

The Surfaris – “Jack the Ripper” – Lost Legends of Surf Guitar, Vol. 2: Point Panic!

Black Sugar – “The Looser” – Black Sugar

Unknown – “Mystery Track” – Diablos del Ritmo: The Colombian Melting Pot 1960-1985

Los 4 Planetas – “Dos Guitarras” – Latinamericarpet: Exploring The World Of Latin American Psychedelia Vol. 1

Terry Reid – “Superlungs My Super Girl” – Terry Reid

James Brown – “Scratch” – Night Train


Bo Diddley – “Bring Them Back Alive (Funny Talk)” – Ride On / The Chess Masters 1960-1961

Sir Victor Uwaifo – “Ohue” – The Rough Guide to African Disco

The Upsetters – “Dub It (Nice And Easy)” – Clocktower Classics Vol.1

Chet Ivey & His Fabulous Avengers – “Bad on Bad” – Instrumental Explosion: Incendiary Funk and R&B 1966-73

The Heard – “Stop It Baby” – Audition 45rpm

Ondatrópica – “Punkero Sonidero” – Ondatrópica

The Detroit Cobras – “Hittin’ On Nothing” – Mink, Rat or Rabbit

The Viscounts – “Harlem Nocturne” – Swing For A Crime



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