NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #35 ~ 08-16-14]

Ears stopped up

SHE DIDN’T REALLY smoke pot, but she was afraid to admit it—so, after they were there, at Boris’s place, on a terrace overlooking the dark-blue twinkling lights of Hollywood (each light, natch, fraught with promise), and he, not really caring much one way or the other, lit a joint, took a couple of drags, and handed it to her, she had just enough presence of mind to accept it and say, “oh, groovy” yet could scarcely repress surprise when, after passing it back (as she knew one was supposed to), he just smiled, and didn’t take it. Suddenly she was very much in the wrong—now he would think of her as some sort of dopey flower-person, and not a serious actress at all. “But I thought you . . .” she began, holding the smoldering stick helplessly between them, “. . . well, I mean, I don’t really . . . that is, I’ve never actually . . .” She stammered, holding it at a distance now, as though it were a hateful thing which had surely destroyed their future.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, taking it from her, “it isn’t important.” And he took a few deep pokes and sat it on the ashtray. “You know . . . the thing that really attracted me to you,” he began quietly, as though thinking aloud to himself, “the thing I find really . . . beautiful, maybe even uniquely beautiful in you, at least for today—and I say this with all humility and respect, because I know you must have other qualities, and I recognize that it may be some kind of weakness in myself—not weakness exactly, but still not the sort of thing I’d like to be able to say, the sort of thing I imagine you’d like to hear . . . but the thing that makes you really . . . exceptional—well, I mean to me, anyway . . . is your ass.”

~ Terry Southern, Blue Movie

As follows, the selections within the four sets comprising Episode #35 of N.C.I.P….


Spirit – “I Got A Line On You” – The Family That Plays Together

The Surfmen – “The Casanova” – Surfer’s Mood Volume 4: Latina Luna

Bob Marley & The Wailers – “Brain Washing” – African Herbsman

Monophonics – “$2.50” – Into The Infrasounds

Heinz – “Just Like Eddie” – It’s Hard To Believe It: The Amazing World Of Joe Meek

Omar Souleyman – “Ala Il Hanash Madgouga” – Jazeera Nights: Folk and Pop Sounds of Syria

Saunders King – “Swingin’” – Jukebox Jam! Vol. 2

The Sonics – “The Witch” – Nuggets I: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era

Billy Martin & the Soul Jets – “Funky Feelin’” – Funky Crimes


Johnny “Guitar” Watson – “A Real Mother For Ya” – A Real Mother For Ya

Adnan Othman & the Rhythmn Boys – “Budi Bahasa” – Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock from Singapore and Malaysia 1964-1970: vol. 1

Ikebe Shakedown – “Tujunga” – Ikebe Shakedown

The Premiers – “Get Your Baby” – Pachuco Soul

Various Artists – “Commercial For New Album Releases” – Radio Myanmar

Mickey Murray – “Sticky Sue” – Action Speaks Louder Than Words: Best Of SSS International Group of Labels (1967-1970)

Ralph Robles – “Talking Over” – We Got Latin Soul!

Colombiafrica-The Mystic Orchestra – “No Habla Na’” – Voodoo Love Inna Champeta-Land

The Bluebells & Lee Perry and The Upsetters – “Come Along” – Scratch and Company: The Upsetters Chapter 1 (mono)

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “Talk About Me” – Mambo 1: Rompin’ Rhumbas

The Wellis Band – “Bindiga” – Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-1981

Ronnie Ross And The Good Guys – “If You Ever Go” – 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60’s Garage And Psychedelia From U.S.A. And Destination Records

Meridian Brothers – “Doctor Trompeta” – Salvadora Robot

Chosen Few – “People Make The World Go Round” – Good Times Skank: Joey Jay’s Good Times Sound System

Paul Buff – “Slow Bird” – Paul Buff Presents: Highlights from the Pal and Original Sound Studio Archives

V.I.P. Connection – “West Coast Drive” – Pop-A-Groove: ’70s Rare Soul & Funk Collide on the Dancefloor

Ofege – “Gbe Mi Lo” – Try And Love

Sun Ra w. the Cosmic Rays – “Dreaming” – Sun Ra: The Singles


Abdel Aziz El Mubarak – “Tarig Ash-Shoag” – Abdel Aziz El Mubarak

Kwentin Qwisp – “The Way Out Mummy” – Bent, Batty And ‘Bnoxious!

The Romans – “Uh Huh” – M.M.I. 45rpm

Eddie Smith & The Hornets – “Upturn” – Instrumental Madness!

The Ernie Bush Band – “Breakaway” – Walkin The Duck: 23 Northern Soul Instrumental Tracks

Wiliam Loose – “Alice Cafe II” – Russ Meyer’s UP! OST

Big Youth – “Touch Me In The Morning” – Natty Cultural Dread

You may acquire Episode 35 HERE.

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