NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #32 ~ 07.19.14]


His mouth grew more indistinct; his burnt eyes narrowed. She suddenly realized he was smiling. She smiled back. He took her hand, opened the door, and they came up for air into the music and screams of delight and desperation. He led her to the bandstand, whispered something to the drummer that sent him into an instant, spastic roll of sound, and then turned to watch the giant who had come in from the sidewalk and stood now with a thick golden rope in his hands. The rope ascended to the ceiling, went through a pulley, and then descended to the steel loop atop the middle, golden cage. The giant let the rope slip through his hands and the cage began to come down. When it was on the floor, the man who had hired her snatched the microphone. His amplified whine whistled out over the dancers whose feet had stopped but whose bodies still trembled and pulsed. “Ladies and Gentlemen! The Gilded Cage presents a new one!” He ran to the cage and forced her inside and slammed the door while the dancers roared their approval. The giant pulled on the rope and up she went. She had arrived.

~ Harry Crews, Naked In Garden Hills

As follows, the  selections within the four sets comprising Episode #32 of N.C.I.P….


Detroit Emeralds – “You Want It You Got It” – You Want It You Got It

The Pyramids – “Pressure” – Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar 1: Big Noise At Waimea

Le Super Bourgou De Parakou – “Congolaise Benin Ya” – African Scream Contest: Raw And Psychedelic Afro Sounds From Benin And Togo ’70s

The 5 Keys – “Do The Cha Cha Cherry” – King 45rpm

Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant – “Railroadin'” – Swingin’ On The Strings: The Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant Collection Vol. 2

Les Loups Noirs D’Haiti – “Jet Beguine” – Afro Tropical Soundz Vol. 1

Johnny Moore & His New Blazers – “Bullfrog” – Frolic Diner Vol. 2

Big Joe & Fay – “Dub A Dawta” – Trojan X-Rated Box Set

Batida – “Ka Heueh” – Batida

The Jordans – “Schock Treatment” – Malamondo 4



El Haru Kuroi – “Jaqui” – Sabung

Funkadelic – “You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure” – Westbound Funk

Cicada – “Oli Nkwu” – The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria

The Treniers – “Go! Go! Go!” – Blowing The Fuse (1951)

Karl Hector & The Malcouns – “Push Ya Na” – Unstraight Ahead

LabrendaBen & The Bejeans – “Camel Walk” – Forever Soul: Black Girls of the 60s

Les Krakmen – “Krakmen Twist” – Cazumbi: African Sixties Garage Vol. 1

MC5 – “I Can Only Give You Everything” – The Big Bang: The Best Of The MC5

Curtis Knight – “The Devil Made Me Do It” – Chains & Black Exhaust

Chuito el de Bayemon – “El Soco Del Medio” – El Buen Borincano



The Upsetters – “Black Panta” – 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle

The Replacements – “Another Girl, Another Planet” – All For Nothing, Nothing For All

Dennis Coffey – “Theme From Enter The Dragon” – Absolutely The Best Of Dennis Coffey

Eddie Platt – “Cha-Hua-Hua” – ¡Caramba! Latin-Flavor Instros

El Pauling & The Exciters – “It Won’t Be Long” – The 5 Royales Catch That Teardrop

The Fabulous Pharoahs – “Hold Me Tight” – Delaware Garage

El Rego Et Ses Commandos – “Achuta” – El Rego Et Ses Commandos

The Fabulous Wailers – “Wailin'” – Instrumental Madness!

Dell Mack – “You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover” – La Noire Vol. 1: Have Mercy Uncle Sam

The Rolling Stones – “Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (mono)” – Metamorphosis

The Cadillacs – “Holy Smoke Baby” – Dangerous Doo-Wop 2  



Pamelo Mounk’a – “Amour De Nombakele” – Pamelo Mounk’a

The Blendells – “La La La La La” – The East Side Sound 1965-1977

Jah Lion – “Flashing My Whip” – Columbia Colly

The Eight Minutes – “Looking For A Brand New Game” – Frankie Crocker  ‘Do It Frankie! Do It To It!’

Marijata – “Mother Africa” – Ghana Soundz Vol. 1: Afro Beat, Funk & Fusion In ’70s Ghana

Russ Meyer – “Chunky” – Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers OST

The Kinks – “I’ll Remember” – Face To Face (mono)

You may acquire Episode #32 HERE.


One thought on “NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #32 ~ 07.19.14]

  1. Thanks for the music! It appears that Reneshoua has flown above someone’s airspace. You know, the kind of guy who shuts down your dance when the sockets don’t conform to code? Please keep me updated if you get any whispers… david

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