NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #31 ~ 07.12.14]

music horror starts anew

I mean, I tried to like rap music. It sounded incendiary from a distance. Maybe it was creating strife between the races, something like that. Then I listened to it. I’ve heard more incendiary lines on “Leave it to Beaver.” But, after all, could anything called “black music” be any less bland or superficial than – hey, let’s get real, real gone – “white music.” Public Image? Guns N’ Roses? 2 Live Crew? It’s a pitiful day when the only people so-called rock ‘n’ roll can offend are Tipper Gore and the fucking ADL.

I mean, I’ve seen Pete Townsend as an after-dinner speaker at the WaldorfDon’t get me wrong; he was good. A regular Sir Cedric Hardwicke or some such shit. But – hey – “I hope I die before I get old”? Sure, that was a quarter of a century ago; but, still, he ought to be pushing up daisies by now. And who are the Rolling Stones kidding? Even Lawrence Welk knew when to turn off the bubble machine and call it quits.

– Nick Tosches, preface to the revised edition, Unsung Heroes Of Rock & Roll  

[click each segment below to enlarge]

NCIP 31 Pt1     NCIP 31 Pt2

NCIP 31 Pt3

NCIP 31 Pt4

You may acquire Episode 31 HERE.



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