NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT [Episode #30 ~ 07.05.14]


And when one can have no more brilliant dinners and make love to no more women, when one has no longer appreciative companions to listen to one’s stories and can no longer travel and try one’s luck—one can at least summon one’s intellectual resources, work at problems, write one’s memoirs; one can still test one’s nerve and strength by setting down an account of life as one has found it, with all its anticlimax and scandal, one’s own impossible character and all. The writing of the Memoirs represented a real victory of the mind and the spirit. Scoundrels like Casanova do not usually put themselves on record, and when they do they are usually at pains to profess the morality of respectable people. . . . But when all Casanova’s obeisances to the established authorities have been made, life itself in his story turns out to be an outlaw like him.

EDMUND WILSON: “Uncomfortable Casanova,” The Wound and the Bow

[click each segment below to enlarge]

NCIP 30 Pt1

NCIP 30 Pt2

NCIP 30 Pt3

NCIP 30 Pt4

You may acquire Episode 30 HERE.


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