ALL NEW EPISODE of N.C.I.P. !! Tomorrow Evening (Sat. 6~28) !!


It’s all a-happening, dear Group, in something like a single Earth rotation from the present moment – an all-new episode of NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT ! Those two hours at 9pm PST on that afford the best of all possible opportunities for you, the discerning hedonist, to get bent / righteous / down wicha bad se’f / right with Jah…whatevs. And in a further (albeit anemic) effort to tantalize, Reeshard promises that you’ll be doing this (while simultaneously burning little cinder holes in your futon couch) in the company of the Chi-Lites, The Funkees, ESG, Lynn Tait & The Jets, Darryl Vincent, La Sonora Cordobesa, The Soul Lifters, The Night Raiders, ? and The Mysterians and Mustafa Özkent Ve Orkestrasi…and that’s just the first set. Tune in anyways.

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