No Condition Is Permanent (Ep. 28 ~ 06.21.14)


Lord Buckley

To the High Priest of the entire mountain scene, his most royal highness, Sir Henry Miller. I’d like a little sound for Sir Henry, a little love sound.

Henry Miller

To Lord Buckley, his most euphoric Lordship, greetings! What a treat to hear your new shatterbusting recording delivered like a true hipster with variations a la Paganini, Gilles de Rais and the Marquis of Queensbury! It seems to me that your Lordship opened a new vein, leading from the medulla oblongata (hold on to this one!) and the Cloaca Maxima. It’s all so very alive and jumpin’ and in the pauses one can hear the atoms exploding out there in the Milky Way where the grass comes up every once in ten billion years and there are no moth balls or frigidaires, no box office receipts, no railroads, no crucifixions rosy or otherwise … It is very far out, your Lordship.

(from Dig Infinity: The Life And Art Of Lord Buckley by Oliver Trager)

[click to enlarge]






You may acquire Episode 28 HERE.


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