ALL NEW EPISODE of N.C.I.P. Tomorrow Evening (5~31) !!



Once again, the more charitable souls among our number entertain the possibility of an evening spent in the company of Count Reeshard as he hosts yet another installment of No Condition Is Permanent, the show that plays to the grasshoppers and flips off the ants. Think about it, Group, coming up in not so long as all that: Two sacrosanct hours on a Saturday evening starting at 9pm PST, that time when the unrefined can truly unwind. You can join us in the Chat Room at, but should you be content to nod off while burning holes in your futon sofa, we’re OK with that, too. Slated for this Saturday’s set, you’ll hear Noor Hamza & Band Mezra, there’s The Only Ones, Los Destellos, Remy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila, Dennis Coffey, Bwana, Louis Armstrong and, of course, André Williams, the patron saint of N.C.I.P.. Uncle Morty will probably take another swipe at the Count’s lawn jockey, but we’ll forgive him because he always remembers to bring treats. Tune in anyways.

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