No Condition Is Permanent / Plywood (Ep. 25 ~ 05.17.14)



As below, last evening’s playlist comprising a somewhat arbitrary selection of ‘greatest bits’ drawn from the previous 24 weekly episodes plus the half-dozen download-only shows which proceeded NCIP’s entry into the Luxuria Music broadcast schedule. It does play as  a novel experience, however, not in least because of our newest sponsor: that venerable downtown fleapit, The Madison Theatre, whose weekly double-bills have become a component of the NCIP broadcast. A good place to hang in the summer, The Madison – the air conditioning is iffy, but the contact high is guaranteed (especially if you sneak past the hastily erected barrier – the building inspector insisted – and grab a balcony seat). Have fun with this one, group. The show returns next week at 9pm PST with all new music, unless Reeshard decides otherwise. You can never discount that capricious thang. Tune in anyways.

[click to enlarge]




You may acquire Episode 25 HERE.


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