This Weekend @ The Madison – PAM GRIER DOUBLE BILL !!


Thanks to a conveniently engineered wormhole in time connecting to a once-prosperous city in earlier stages of its now world-renowned decay, this week NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT welcomes  THE MADISON THEATRE, a new sponsor of NCIP‘s weekly pod- & broadcast, the latter streaming via

For years the ne plus infra of downtown fleapits – ahem, repertory cinemas – The Madison’s weekly double-bills are sure to complement and enhance the organic miasma which accrues to Reeshard’s musical selections of a given Saturday. So c’mon, pilot your Two & A Quarter down to Grand Circus Park this weekend and if you’re sly, spry and wicked enough to dodge those pesky bits of rebar falling from the monorail track…well, Slim, you’re there !

This weekend’s double feature comprises two vehicles for the terrifying talent of everyone’s fave ebony amazon, Pam Grier !

Black Mama, White Mama! and Sheba Baby!  [click for trailers]

Out of consideration for your fellow patrons, The Madison’s management requests all firearms and oversized hats be checked at the door. But they are cool with weed in the balcony (only).


The Madison accepts Black & Brown stamps.

2 thoughts on “This Weekend @ The Madison – PAM GRIER DOUBLE BILL !!

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