No Condition Is Permanent (Ep. 23 ~ 05.03.14)



Well, group, now’s the time either to relive or, still better, to experience for the first time in all its bewildering glory…last evening’s episode of No Condition Is Permanent. Hear the three amazons of Love Unlimited wrap their over-long claws around “Under The Influence of Love”! Hear The Spiders, abetted by guitarist Link Wray, shamelessly steal an intro passage from a far more popular British group! Hear that great tune from Tarantino’s Death Proof, without having to witness the gory auto accident and all (well, by ‘all’ I’m referring of course to the severed leg) that goes with it! Hear the Sandabs order “Crab Louie”! These are but a few high points from the first set alone!  Will Uncle Morty stop by? Of course. Like you had to ask?

[click to enlarge]


Acquire Episode 23 HERE.


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