N.C.I.P.’s ADVENTURES IN FUNDRAISING: Luxuria Pledge Drive Week 1 (Ep. 15 ~ 02. 15. 15)


So glad to report that Count Reeshard’s first pass at a pledge drive actually reaped some coin for his beleaguered station, Luxuria Music. Gratitude of the most heartfelt stripe goes out to the kind humans who sent money to the station, those astute souls who recognize the No Condition Is Permanent refrigerator magnet as one of life’s great rewards. Thank you, group, your support is deeply appreciated by your host, Count Reeshard, and his fellow Luxurians. (Wait a minute…if I’m now a Luxurian, am I expected to worship Lucia Pamela? OK, I can work with that.)

And for those too lazy to investigate, here’s the magnet to which I repeatedly refer:


…as adorned with my photo, snapped in front of Ugly Roll, just off Sepulveda, of a grown man reduced to wearing a chicken suit made from acrylic faux fur clearly in need of dry cleaning. You dream your dreams, David Lynch, and I’ll dream mine. And now, so will everyone who owns the No Condition Is Permanent Chicken Magnet.

As below, after the playlist, you’ll find a link to last night’s program. It’s the whole enchilada: Still enough music to be distracting, enhanced – if that’s how you want to look at it – by pledge drive banter between Lux’s station den mother Kat  and Count Reeshard. Then there’s the “Touch Me In The Morning” anecdote, which your host felt compelled to relate.

Next week’s show (Ep.16 ~ 02-22-14) will also have the pledge drive as its principal focus – don’t worry, it will also feature cultural schiesse a’plenty – so tune in at 9pm PST next Saturday, be both entertained and fleeced out of your hard-earned cash in the same moment. It’s for a good cause and there’s a refrigerator magnet to be had into the bargain. Tune in anyways.

[Click to enlarge.]


Acquire episode 15 HERE.


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