No Condition Is Permanent (Ep. #12 ~ 01.25.14)


It is important that people grasp the idea that we are not afraid of nothingness. There is no empty space in nature, which we do not believe that, at one time, or another, the human mind can fill…All that partakes of the obscurity and magnetic fascination of dreams, those dark strata of consciousness which are all that concern us in mind, we want to see all this radiate and triumph on stage, even if it means destroying ourselves and exposing ourselves to the ridicule of a colossal failure…

Regardless of the degree of success of our performances, those who attend them will understand that they are participating in a mystical experiment by which an important part of the domain of the mind and consciousness may be definitively saved or lost.

– Antonin Artaud, Manifesto for a Theatre That Failed, November 13, 1926

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ImageImageImageImageAcquire episode 12 HERE.


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