No Condition Is Permanent (ep. #9 ~ 01.04.14)


Ringing in 2014 on a dark and chilled Saturday evening:

• Bram Tchaikovsky, he of the Russian Constructivist cover art, offered his one good single

• Gran Am offered a mission statement for this radio programme as a whole

• Slim Harpo offered proof that one old black man is still cooler than all five Rolling Stones combined

• Count Five offered a pillar of mid-20th Century classical music

• The 101 Strings offered the sound of a really beautiful anxiety attack

• Pamelo Mounk’a offered one of the most beautiful songs. Ever. Period.

What further incentive do you require, group? All this and more can now be yours. See below.

[Click to enlarge.]


Acquire Episode 9 HERE.


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